One Bloodstained Euphie

Knightmare Drawing

Draw, if ye be men!

On the first day of Christmas, my PtIrZuZeA lHoUvTe sent to me
One Bloodstained Euphie.

The irrepressible Anime Blogging Collective are running a series of reflections on 2007 with a Twelve Days of Christmas theme. Non-members are invited to participate too, and so this is my minor contribution. Credit is apparently due to CCY for the idea. Some are seemingly using the opportunity to do some lengthy self-reflection; in my case you’re more likely to find brief and simple posts about 2007 (self-reflection is a difficult task when one’s blog has very little self to reflect on). This is at least a good opportunity to practice using WordPress.

Code Geass destroyed my critical faculties. Flawed it might be, but it contained a winning combination of things I love: luscious mecha, aristocratic costume (replete with cloaks), masks, over-the-top and melodramatic dialogue, and a joyfully ludicrous plot. Code Geass taught me that ‘I like it’ and ‘it is good’ are very different things, and it also started the Great Goro Taniguchi Back Catalogue Adventure (still underway).

Lowbrow? Certainly. But I don’t care.

Incidentally, the real cost of the items in The Twelve Days of Christmas, as calculated by PNC Wealth Management, is (if you live in the US) just under $20,000.

12 responses to “One Bloodstained Euphie

  1. Self-Reflection was one day only, and it was what I felt like writing at the time. Future posts in my string will be more like yours. ^_^

    Code Geass… I need to actually finish watching the first season some time. It’s been so long, though, I’d have to start from the beginning to remember all the nonsense that occured, and to do that I need a watching partner since I don’t like rewatching things by my lonesome.

  2. “Code Geass taught me that ‘I like it’ and ‘it is good’ are very different things…”

    AMEN TO THAT! I love Code Geass, in all it’s horrible WTF-inducing trainwreck glory. :)

  3. Speaking of non-members, check your Gmail for the invite. It’s the one you use to comment with. Hope you have a great time posting over the next week or so.

  4. ‘Code Geass taught me that ‘I like it’ and ‘it is good’ are very different things.’

    I learned that big boobs are awesome, too. And that having taste in literature does not necessarily follow having taste in anime … hahaha. :p

    My favorite manga read this year was Ichigo 100% and DearS. Sure, they’re not great, but damn, the main characters have big boobs … and they possess story that satiates the inner fanboy in me. I realized that in the final analysis, I don’t really watch anime to learn more things, although I hope to do so every time I do.

    I like hot girls and big breasts; you like Code Geass. They’re both awesome, but in a very personal manner which transcends reason. :)

  5. Speaking of Goro Taniguchi… Inifinte Ryvius and Planetes. I’d say more but it seems I’m a hopeless Taniguchi fanboy – definitely one of the best directors working in TV anime.

  6. I truly wish they had wrapped Code Geass at the end of the first season. All the waiting is such a bother.

    I’m inclined to agree, one bloodstained Euphie is definitely at the top of memorable anime moments from this year.

  7. @ DeathToZippermouth: That’s a relief. I’d feel a nasty e-penis inferiority complex if someone was knocking out 2k words per day for twelve days.

    @ 0rion: I’m more of the opinion that it’s a rollercoaster which people mistake for a trainwreck, but I’ve never been quite able to entirely convince myself that I was right.

    @ Owen: Thanks for the invite. I normally categorise myself as ‘too school for cool’ rather than the reverse, but I joined anyway.

    @ Michael: Absolutely. Anime is a hobby – there’s lots of fun to be had thinking about it, but one needs to leave time for the sword-wielding, cloak-wearing, figureskating mecha (or well-developed females) too.

    @ bateszi: Infinite Ryvius has recently become something of a favourite of mine; I’m working my way through Planetes, and wondering if I can watch s-CRY-ed without embarassing myself.

    @ j.valdez: In-between-season suspense is no fun at all, especially given the worry that Sunrise will somehow damage the second season beyond repair.

  8. Still, I really don’t know *how* they could have ended the show in just one season by that point, other than killing Lelouch or something similar, which could have been epic, I imagine, but still somewhat rushed.

    They would have needed to rewrite a lot of the earlier stuff in order to make things manageable though…this show really needed another season, as it turned out, even if Surnrise may or may not deliver.

  9. I got the impression that they were planning on having two seasons from the beginning. And, as you say, I suppose it’s better to have the possibility of a good second season from Sunrise with the risk of them messing it up, rather than just one incomplete set of episodes.

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