Five Flag Furores


Manly Tea

I sipped MANLY TEA

On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me
Five Flag Furores,

Four Gundam Bishies,
Three Empty Paragraphs,
Two Heroes Dueling
And a Bloodstained Euphie.

‘Twere the Welsh wot started it. More accurately, one Member of Parliament who proposed the alteration of the Union Jack to reflect ‘Wales’ . . . true place in the Union’. The rest, as they say, is history [separate links]. A beautiful example of something spiraling out of control across the internet. I particularly love the Telegraph’s blank incomprehension, and the culture clash on its comments pages between its usual conservative clientele and meme-spouting anime fans. A thing of beauty.

Now, I may have the mind of a Marxist, but I have the soul of a reactionary and naturally take a certain interest in my country’s flag. Even if this happening is really too recent to reminisce about, I just know that I’ll look back with a smile on this by this time next year. It’s also a fine illustration of the current quality of the Daily Telegraph, which (in case you haven’t been closely following the British media recently (if not, why not?)) has been going rapidly downhill.

Nowadays, the old England-first situation is (somewhat) reversed, as England is the only part of the Union without an intermediary layer of government between Westminster and the Local Authorities (Scotland has a Parliament, Wales has an Assembly, and Northern Ireland has an Argument); this leads to some interesting constitutional tangles. Until we’re all subsumed into the A.E.U., anyway. At least we don’t suffer controversies about the too-rampant masculinity of a military crest.

Yes, My Lordoh!

Yes, My Lordoh!

I will leave you with the thought that, bizarrely, Wales actually receives more representation on the Britannian flag than on the Union Jack, as the yellow stripes fit the Flag of Saint David.

10 responses to “Five Flag Furores

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  2. “I sipped MANLY TEA”


  3. Don’t laugh, I sip MANLY TEA every day! Well, Earl Grey, and everyone knows he was as GAR as they come.

  4. Ahh… yes, I’m sure it’s manly tea :)

    I do have to say that the part about Northern Ireland having an Argument made me laugh for all the wrong reasons. And a bit of poor taste too.

  5. It’s hard to make jokes about Northern Ireland without crossing over into poor taste, to be honest. Still, it’s really a good thing that it’s now mostly about arguing and not about fighting. And I should put on record that I genuinely like Belfast and nearly went to university there.

    I’m amazed no one’s commented on the military crest controversy, but maybe the humour’s too puerile . . .

  6. I actually kind of want to see Wales… even though I’ve heard it’s the British equivalent to the deep South in America. Ireland is another place I’d like to see. And Liverpool about a 150 years ago.

    Nah, I just think that the humor is kind of lost on me… :)

  7. I lol’d at otakus’ determination to influence the normal world. :D Truly an awesome idea.

    Kamina FTSW~! ^_^

  8. Lipton was manlier before the ballless cocksuckers in the corporation removed the dude in the cap from the packaging.

  9. Sitting on a Greek quayside, nothing beats cracking open a can of Lipton’s Iced Tea (lemon), sitting back and watching the world go by.

    But Earl Grey for hot tea. With other blends for variation (I received some very fine Russian Caravan for Christmas, for example).

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