Twelve Bloggers Blogging

I’m Not A Blogger

I’m Not A Blogger, by Hugh MacLeod of gapingvoid, who kindly distributes under a Creative Commons license

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me
Twelve Bloggers Blogging,

Eleven Debtors Garmbling,
Ten Mu A-Questing,
Nine Spears A-Striking,
Eight Butlers Battling,
Seven Mingin’ Monsters,
Six Shower Showdowns,
Five Flag Furores,
Four Gundam Bishies,
Three Empty Paragraphs,
Two Heroes Dueling
And a Bloodstained Euphie.

. . . because obviously I can only remember eleven things about my anime year in 2007, and so have to scratch up a subject for my twelfth day. Just be glad (or, alternatively, sorry) that this isn’t a collection of Yuletide-themed fanservice culled from the net’s copious imageboards (try here). How about a piece of non-Yuletide-themed fanservice?


This is the first image you pull up with a Google Image Search for ‘anime’. Or rather, it’s the top two-hundred-or-so pixels of it, because the rest is NSFW. And that’s with Moderate SafeSearch on. Well thank you Google, that’s really helping me feel good about my hobby.

Gratuitous Linkage

Before I get down to actual content, allow me to pimp the other Twelve Days of Christmases which I have been able to find (may not be a complete list). In alphabetical order of blog title, linking where possible to the relevant ’12 days’ tag or category:

I should add the ones from this list who aren’t there already to my uber-sluttish blogroll, but I’m too lazy to do it on Christmas Day. Here‘s the post which kicked things off, now groaning under the weight of pingbacks.

Here’re two bloggers who’ve been doing Year In Review exercises:

If I’ve missed you off of either of these lists, and you care, drop a comment saying so.

Gundam Christmas

Both the best and the worst Gundam Christmas ever

Actual Content

All who read this, Merry Christmas, whether you’re celebrating the Incarnation or enjoying an excuse for good food. Or both. I’ve enjoyed composing these twelve short entries, and they’ve certainly improved my WordPress skills; I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them.

All anime bloggers: you are inspirational. Even when you fall out.

It’s raining, now and in England. Looks like we’re having that wet Christmas we weren’t wishing for. At least I can turn snow on on my blog – and I suppose I’m likely to spend more time looking at my blog than I am out of the window!


Normal service will resume on the 29th of December, when I will post a close reading of an action sequence from Seirei no Morbito. I hope to (figuratively) see you then.

10 responses to “Twelve Bloggers Blogging

  1. Merry Christmas! As for the song, glad you enjoyed it. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, and it looks like you had a lot of fun with this. :3

    Also LOL @ the Google image search thing, you’re totally right. In fact, that whole first page of images doesn’t exactly paint the best image of anime and anime fans. ;P

  2. Just a quick Seasons Greetings ^o^

  3. I’m a little late, but Merry Christmas!

    As for Seirei no Morbito, that should be a good read.

  4. Thankyou all, and the same to you.

  5. A belated Merry Christmas! A word to the wise: never get stuck in a house in a colorado mountain when outside it’s below freezing and inside the hot water heater that powers the indoor heating breaks.

  6. Oooo…snow on the blog. That’s really cool.

    Anyway, congrats on getting to the end of the 12 Days with the rest of us, glad to hear you’ve had fun reading and writing with it.

    (And to save space: GARmbling is an awesome word.)

  7. @ DeathToZippermouth: Youch. That sounds like the heatingless toilets of my primary school, times 100.

    @ CCY: All hail and useless yet pretty festive Extras options. It certainly has been fun. I must thank you for the original idea.

    GARmbling’s existence is now itself a motivation to write more about Kaiji

  8. Happy Holidays to you, too. :)

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