Ending a Theme

After some thought, I have decided to switch from Contempt to Cutline. Cutline has the slightly wider main column and less cramped text that I was looking for. We’ll see how this works out; comments are welcome. The new theme comes with a new banner, of sorts, with added MANLY TEA, as well as the Clock Tower of the Palace of Westminster taken from the ninth episode of G Gundam. It’s a little rough-around-the-edges, but if I’m fitting in my blog’s title, my favourite beverage and my location, all in anime form, I can’t be going far wrong.

In the meantime, because I dislike the idea of an entry entirely devoid of content much like nature dislikes a vacuum, here’s the startling (I’ve no idea if it’s any good, mind) second ending theme from ∀ Gundam (the so-called ‘Miyazaki Gundam’), in its full-length incarnation:

‘Tsuki No Mayu’ (‘The Moon’s Cocoon’) sung by Aki Okui
(I’m told Kanno composed the music)

For anyone whose interest is piqued by the slightly risque nature of one of the DVD cover images in that video, I should note that ∀ Gundam contains no actual yuri (in a classic case of the contents not matching the box). Sorry to disappoint.

In its ED incarnation, the music backs a metamorphosis sequence:

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is that.

6 responses to “Ending a Theme

  1. More readable. I had to use Ctrl + + in order to get anywhere with your previous posts since you don’t offer full feeds, and Ctrl + ++ to read the comments, so this is a welcome move.

    Also, love the British guy having a cup of tea in the banner. You can’t go wrong with stock Brit stereotypes.`

  2. Manly tea is manly. I like the new set up. :3

  3. I’m not sure about the new theme, personally – I’m averse to vast amounts of white space because it just feels sort of lazy (kind of like a plain text page) to me.

    The one thing I really miss though is the witty saying just under the title (“I sip manly tea”,”Too school for cool”, etc). I liked how you changed that every so often.

    The rest of the look is rather slick, though, I must say. And, y’know, the posts are still good. XD

  4. Whitespace is something I’m not too comfortable with either (a fact I’m coming to grips with in sorting out my blog’s next theme) but I like the increased width, which is great for longer posts. Besides, who has 800×600 resolution these days anyway?

    and the stuff you hear about we brits is all true – we do indeed sip MANLY TEA, wear Union Jack undies and sing God Save the Queen in the shower…

  5. @ Owen: I’m glad to hear it’s more readable. I’ve been using Ctrl ++ for comments myself. As for full-text feeds, thanks for bringing that to my attention; I’ve messed around with a few things in my settings which may provide a full-text feed, but it’s a bit of a shot in the dark.

    And stereotypes are always something useful to fall back on.

    @ TheBigN: It’s hard to convey in words quite how MANLY.

    @ CCY: I’m going to miss my tagline(s) too, but I was getting pretty fed up with Contempt’s narrow columns, fed up enough to sacrifice the pleasure of coming up with something witty every week (and it was a pleasure).

    @ concretebadger: As for TEA, Union Jack undies and singing ‘God Save the Queen’ in the shower, I’ve been known to do all three at once. (To be honest, I probably trade too much on my nationality.)

  6. The white space is different, I can’t say I like it or dislike it. Or if it just feels like the comments are floating in outer space :) But really it’s cool man. I do like the new banner though. I do miss the witty sayings as well. But it’s really the content that draws me. I’m not really a design freak.


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