Passing Shot: Snipe Me! Author-tan

Save-Game Menu

‘The numerical, quantitative nature of the points-based entrance exam is itself a symptom of the masculine desire to categorise, sort and restrict things – nowhere is this made clearer than in the save-game menu and the preferences menu. The overlap that Author identified is not a mistake but rather the replacement of the (female) Author-tan by something numerical and categorised (the list of saved games or options). Significantly, the menus only excise Author-tan, the female writer, from the shoulders up; her head, the site of her thought and personality, is removed but her hips, the site of her breeding potential (to the patriarch, her most important feature) remain on-screen.’

[Snipe Me! Author-tan courtesy of DiGiKerot. This is what you call over-analysis.]

12 responses to “Passing Shot: Snipe Me! Author-tan

  1. So this game involves no blood whatsoever …? Damn

  2. *blinks*
    And I thought there were still some things that you COULDN’T overanalyze OTL

  3. lKnight, could you leave your hips onscreen for just a few moments?

  4. …but it could be a trap. The risk is higher than one would find acceptable. The gender assignment is dangerous.

    The analysis is still sound however, male or female.

  5. @ blissmo: I seem to recall some blood being spilled when Author-tan shoots Impz and lolikit.

    @ issa-sa: Apparently nothing is sacred.

    @ lolikitsune: I don’t have much breeding potential, I’m afraid to say.

    @ omo: Fap first, worry later.

  6. @ 21stcenturydigitalboy: Tut tut.

    @ DiGiKerot: I’m glad to hear it (and thanks for making the game in the first place).

  7. Requesting 100% unlocked H scenes savedata.

  8. @ Shin: I’m sure there’s a CG pack somewhere on the ‘net, and given the way the game’s audiovisual content is pretty limited that can’t be far off the H-scenes . . . or would be, if they existed.

  9. Haha, skip the game, just dl the images!

  10. Because we know what happens when Author-tan has to recharge her mana.


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