‘On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love sent to me . . .’

I’m Not A Blogger

I’m Not A Blogger, by Hugh MacLeod of gapingvoid, who kindly distributes under a Creative Commons license

Look familiar? If it does, you’ve probably been reading The Animanachronism (since ‘anima’ beats ‘anime’, I’d appear so high on alphabetical blogrolls if I had only forgone the article!) since last Christmas, in which case you’ll also feel a sense of familiarity when I tell you that ‘I can only remember eleven things about my anime year in 200[8], and so have to scratch up a subject for my twelfth day.’ That wasn’t entirely true then, of course, and it’s definitely not true now: those to whom this entry is dedicated deserve it on merit.

But before we get to them, I’m going to repeat another element of that post, the entirely unscientific exercise of a Google image search (Moderate SafeSearch on) for the word ‘anime’. Last year, as you may or may not recall, most of the first result had to be removed before it was clean enough to appear here. This year things are better, but only a little better.


Again, the image isn’t directly taken from an anime (last year’s was a figure) – we see two anime characters (the Tsukamoto sisters from School Rumble) as they appear on a physical object. It’s a reminder of the already stunningly obvious fact that anime is surrounded by peripheral items and activities, of which blogging is one.

So yeah, anime bloggers: thank you! You’re good fun, and you inspire me. Quite a lot of the time you inspire me to stay indoors more than is healthy, and occasionally you inspire me to fly into fits of rage (I’d make a comment about drafting and proofreading here, but I have this plank in my own eye to deal with), but you’re a good lot. Pat yourselves on the back. It’s probably good for your shoulder muscles.

Anime blog readers: thank you! I suspect that you might be more awesome, since you turn up even though you don’t have blogs of your own to maintain. And also because if you do, for example, use the grocers’ apostrophe to form the plural of ‘anime’ you do it somewhere out of my sight.

It only remains for me to copy one other element of last year’s post: the gratuitous linkage.

The blogs (to my knowledge) which participated in the TDP:

Let’s hope that, if I’m still around when 2009 ends, I’ll Google up an image of someone who’s both fully-clothed and not part of a design for merchandise of dubious purpose.

15 responses to “‘On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love sent to me . . .’

  1. If only I had finished doing the twelve days…

  2. Weights are better for your shoulder muscles, as my efforts can attest to.

    And boy, can I identify with that staying-indoors bit, so thank you for blogging, and for casting that bit of magic you always do to make yourself look really cool in the process.

  3. Well, thank you for coming back. WRITE MOAR PLZ.

  4. If only I had started doing the twelve days…

  5. Well, nothing much to add here since I hardly comment here, but yeah, keep writing dude. I lol’ed at the Google search image result.

  6. Damn it, Yakumo should end up with Harima already.

  7. You serve quite an inspiration yourself, o Great IKnight, so THANK YOU for blogging! :)

  8. Psst, I is in ur blog, stalkin u

  9. Seeing your annotated blogroll after previously seeing Yukan’s and other similar ones finally convinced me that I would go that route whenever I undertake an overdue reassessment of mine.

    Icy: Don’t feel too bad – I gave up halfway through.

  10. Crap. I was logged into WP-Stats on my dashboard so my comment linked to my old WordPress.com blog.

    I guess I could make THIS one useful by encouraging you to continue writing – something I should have said before.

  11. Anime is not the only thing which requires filtering on a search engine. Just typing “girl” into a search engine will require filtering. And “girl” is supposed to be ordinary. Its just the vast numbers of Ecchi people who swamp us by the millions.

  12. I second ghostlightning’s comment, though admittedly I have yet to do any archive digging…

  13. Thank you for existing, oh epitome of what it is to be British :P

  14. Thank you for smok- blogging. :3

  15. @ IcyStorm: Better late than never, if you ask me. And being able to give up without consequence is part of blogging.

    @ Owen S: Heh, the looking cool must be some kind of bizarre reverse psychology, or something.

    @ ghostlightning: I’ll do my best, though I have a crop of big essays right now (which is why this set of replies is rather late itself).

    @ adaywithoutme: There’s always next Christmas . . .

    @ Panther: Thanks! I rather like the Googling exercise – it’s pleasingly pointless.

    @ Michael: From what I’ve seen of School Rumble, the whole edifice would come crashing down if the characters made some actual decisions.

    @ usagijen: Thanks! I do my best.

    @ adaywithoutme: They warned me about stalkers when I started blogging. I’m sure I can cope.

    @ CalAggie: I can never tell whether my blogroll is entirely useless due to its length or really very useful for boosting people’s egos. No worries about linking to the old WP.com blog – always good to see a blog running Cutline!

    @ kanzaki: Indeed. We get the internet we deserve.

    @ ETERNAL: I’ll do my best, I assure you.

    @ omisyth: It’s a little-known fact, but if I’m cut I bleed tea.

    @ TheBigN: Thank you! I think the only circumstances in which I’d smoke would be if you set me on fire.


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