Varying Degrees of Whut


I find Sora Kake Girl or Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo or The Girl Who Leapt Through Space quite enjoyable, for reasons which escape me. The staff are poking heaps of fun at other anime, past and present, from the same studio, and I suppose I’m in a position to appreciate at least some of that poking process. Plus my lack of anything approaching good taste in music helps me tap my foot to the Ali Project opening. But there are also odd hints in the show that it might turn out to be, like Code Geass, a fertile ground for the parlour game of crackpot theories.

Here’s my first contribution.

Leopard, the somewhat deranged, self-aware and deserted space colony (his design makes him the punk cousin of UC Gundam’s cylinder colonies), has provoked much amusement. I’ve noticed that a common complaint about the story is actually that he hasn’t featured enough in the three episodes aired thus far.

One of the characters uses a chess metaphor (we shall have to wait and see quite how metaphorical a metaphor it is) to explain to the heroine, Akiha, why she should help Leopard: he’s the King, important but vulnerable, and she’s the Queen, a powerful and fast-moving piece who’s (meant to be) defending him.

As has been widely noted, Jun Fukuyama voices Leopard; you do the mathematics, as they say.

Another thing that’s been widely noted is that the second episode tasked Akiha with retrieving a pair of giant golden balls to power Leopard’s otherwise useless Colony Laser rip-off. Any elements in this schoolboy image that were left implicit in the second episode are made firmly explicit in the third, in which we learn that jarring Leopard’s balls (why am I even typing this?) causes him intense pain, and that firing the Colony Laser leaves him in a state of passive euphoria which seems, frankly, post-coital.


The Colony Laser's power sources being installed.

So far, so quotidian. Here’s the crackpot bit. Leopard’s a King, he’s impotent and his land is a wasteland (there aren’t any inhabitants, remember). Then Akiha turns up and is able to restore him. But Leopard’s a self-aware space colony: the land that he rules is his own body. Sora Kake‘s writer(s) just ‘de-metaphored’ (literalised?) the connection between the Fisher King‘s wounded body and his territory.

I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry, but I am sure that I’ll watch the fourth episode . . .

15 responses to “Varying Degrees of Whut

  1. It’s hard to believe that you’re not taking this too far. There’s only one way to know: watch the darn thing.

  2. Lol Sorakake for the lulz! Leopard is also the other reason why I watch this show too, really he makes the show so much better.

  3. I don’t think that this will actually happen, but it should be noted that Space Cake Girl is being produced by a lot of the old Mai-HiME team at Sunrise, and that show was also criticised for being shallow and mediocre until the shit hit the fan a little way in.

  4. Well, to be fair even when the shit it the fan it was still mediocre. But the level of angst and drama (and therefore fun for the viewer) was off the chart, and that’s what mattered.

  5. Haha, I’m glad I’m not the only one spotting all the stuff about Leopard’s balls. Leave it to a young schoolgirl to stir the King’s loins, I suppose.

  6. Perhaps if the parts of the show not involving Leopard hadn’t bored me to tears, I may have been able to keep up with this one…

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  8. Now I can’t get it off my mind now…

  9. I watched this episode a few days ago, and I am astonished that I managed to miss all these metaphors. I really don’t know if I can watch it anymore if I’m figuratively on another planet.

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  11. @ Author: I usually take these things too far. I don’t know if I could really recommend this, either. By the sound of your comment, you’re already aware that Sora Kake Girl isn’t exactly up your street . . .

    @ Panther: I quite like Mako Sakurai’s voice, personally, so Leopard isn’t the only attraction for me.

    @ NegativeZero: I’d heard about SKG‘s heritage, yes. And I rather enjoyed Mai Hime, once the excrement impacted on the rotating ceiling-mounted cooling device, so I’m hoping for similar entertainment here.

    @ ZI: Indeed. I need an injection of angst and drama every now and then.

    @ Kabitzin: I think there’s enough hinting in the show itself to justify our discussion – even if it is a bit puerile. I don’t think I’ll ever outgrow my schoolboy self – child is the father of the man, and all that – so I still find Leopard’s orbs raise a smile.

    @ omisyth: I have to refer you to my above comment about Akiha’s voice actress. I suppose my irrational Gundam fanboying leaves me in a better place to appreciate the poking of fun at Sunrise’s past, too.

    @ Will of the wisp: I’ve heard this is why people with literature BAs don’t marry. Some people don’t like having their favourite books ruined, or something – I wouldn’t know.

    @ Emperor J: But surely ignorance is bliss in cases like these?

  12. @ The Animanachronism

    My BA in Sociology and Political Science doesn’t allow me to see that as a valid perspective. To just accept my ignorance would leave me about as unprepared as say Rio Ferdinand interviewing Gordon Brown about increases in capital spending on infrastructure projects.

  13. lol, I’ve gotta make sure to catch up with this one. I find it strangely relaxing to watch things that aren’t actually good just for the lulz.

  14. Sora Kake is intelligent yet totally absurd at the same time, which is what makes it so fun to watch. The Itsuki Kannagi is also a big factor for me too… Excuse the lateness of this comment, so with that I bid you good day.

  15. @ Emperor J: I think any perspective from which you can enjoy what you watch has at least some validity – I’m sure I miss a fair bit of what’s going on in the anime I watch because I haven’t bothered to educate myself about Japanese culture more generally.

    @ ETERNAL: Well, I’m not convinced that it’s definitely not good, but I’m sceptical.

    @ Yamcha: Intelligent stupidity can make for good comedy – Nadesico is a fine example.


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