Asura Cryin’: This Season for Busy People


Every now and then I get this unaccountable urge to mention anime that is actually still airing, so here’s a remark on the unremarkable Asura Cryin’.

If you want to watch anime — not to watch a particular kind or quality of anime, but simply to sit and think ‘Yes, I am most certainly consuming Japanese cartoons’ — then I must recommend Asura Cryin’, the meze of the current season. It presents a wide selection of the things I associate with anime: a sprinkling of mechanical war machines, the odd magical superpower, a dash of conspiracy, a mild case of amnesia, brief moments of fanservice, a threat to the very existence of the world, an incipient harem (seasoned, naturally, with a pinch of moe) and the inevitable school (I’m sure I’ve travelled, nonplussed, through far more fictional Japanese schools than real British ones). It’s quite entertaining.

So, if you’re busy but not picky, save yourself some time and just watch this. Mediocrity can epitomise an industry just as well as — perhaps better than — excellence, and Asura Cryin’ covers everything else that’s airing quite well. Except for the new Mazinger, of course, but that doesn’t so much ‘air’ as ‘rampage out from the television screen in a pyroclastic flow of sublimity’.

17 responses to “Asura Cryin’: This Season for Busy People

  1. No thanks. I’m making my own meze (mess?) of K-On! and Mazinger…

  2. Yes thanks, I’m following Asura, and the second episode heightened my interests. Meze, it’s a good way to place it. And Mazinger, LOL, god Mazinger.

  3. >>rampage out from the television screen in a pyroclastic flow of sublimity

    Oh it’s far too…cerebral…for me.

  4. What are you going to do if it turns AWESOME in a few episodes? You know, like Manabi or The 08th MS Team?

  5. I initially thought of trying Asura Cryin’ but I’m not much of a mecha fan outside of Gundam, and even then I’ve mostly fallen away from that recently.

  6. Right now I watch whatever I have an inkling of even liking, so I’ve downloaded the first episode of Asura Cryin’. I haven’t watched anything from the new season, however. I need to fly to somewhere else soon AGAIN, so I’ve only managed to enjoy Regios.

  7. Hmm, I may possibly give Asura Cryin a shot at some point.

    Mazinger on the other hand, has already made me cream my pants, and will probably continue to do so for quite some time.

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  9. I thought Asura Cryin’ was awfully dense: it has so many things crammed together in so little time. Coming off of reviewing Bleach, with its interminable shounen decompression, this was a good thing. Still, you’re right: with that many tropes it may be impossible to properly develop them.

    • I don’t know if I’d judge AC on its ability to develop the tropes it gestures towards — I don’t know how to judge it, really — but I think, for some viewers at least, its very density is actually an advantage. Sometimes having more than you can process thrown at you is pretty fun.


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