IX: Victory

Oh dear.

I watched the last episode of Victory Gundam this August, about two-and-a-half years after I watched the first episode. I thought it was a fairly bad mess with salvageable, enjoyable facets. I stalled about half of the way through, which is fairly common with lugubrious fifty-episode-plus Tomino anime, but I also stalled for a long time before watching just the final episode itself. Because now that I’ve watched it, I’ve more or less caught up with the production of Gundam.

Well, that’s a lie. There’s still the 00 movie, which I probably won’t enjoy, and three-fifths of Wing, plus Endless Waltz, the one part of the franchise which I find entirely unwatchable. Beyond that there’re a few oddities like Mission to the Rise which I can’t be bothered to watch, and of course a substantial amount of manga, games, prose &c. But still, finishing Victory created a sudden absence: I no longer have the ‘see more of whichever Gundam I’m working through’ option when I’m bored.

One response to “IX: Victory

  1. I have 10 episodes of Victory left, and while I do think there are some nice things in it, I too find it quite a mess. My good friend mechafetish holds it as his best and favorite series in the franchise which probably set my expectations way too high for it. Alas I am stalled and I don’t feel like starting again soon.

    I too dislike Wing, and have dropped it within the 1st 4 episodes on more than one occasion… but I will probably watch that (and EW) much in the same spirit as I did SEED and GSD (a spirit I am not wholly willing to recommend).

    I still have X to look forward to. I’ve started it but haven’t connected with it yet… and right now I’m saving it for a rainy day when I need unwatched Gundam in my life… as lifers sometimes do.

    When I finished all of Macross 7 and its related OVAs and specials, I think I arrived in a similar place… though it’s far easier to do that with Macross given how fewer series are there. However, 7 is remarkably bad — and yet I ended up valuing it over all other sequels in the franchise. I suppose mechafetish isn’t that odd after all.



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