X: Life in the Old Scopedog

The poor guy never gets a holiday.

I heard a lot about Votoms in 2010. Shining Heresy, the defrosted-Chirico-vs-Space-Catholics OVA, was (finally) translated, and there was a sudden flood of new material produced or announced: Alone Again, Phantom Arc, Case;Irvine and Votoms Finder.

I’m cautiously optimistic about this. The CGI action in Pailsen Files was tolerable more often than it was great, and one wonders how much more interest can be wrung from the life story of Chirico Cuvie. But Case;Irvine and Votoms Finder aren’t about Chirico (from what I can gather, Takahashi isn’t even involved in them). This could make for some interesting uses of the Astragius Galaxy, which is a very nice real robot setting. Okay, it probably won’t, but it could, right?

Also it’s sort of heartening that someone, somewhere, reckons money can still be made out of this franchise.

3 responses to “X: Life in the Old Scopedog

  1. Well…there have been VOTOMS stories that haven’t focused on Chirico and company (such as MELLOWLINK and the BLUE KNIGHT novels). Both VOTOMS: FINDER and CASE; IRVINE look promising, but I do wonder where they fit into the overall VOTOMS universe.

    It’s good to see that the franchise still has life–but then again, VOTOMS has had an influence in anime, videogames, and comics, so….

  2. Hello there! A friend has recommended me this blog, as you are a pretty knowledgeable guy about things related to the VOTOMS universe, so I supposed you would have seen the VOTOMS works made by The Answer Studio this past decade. I haven’t seen those yet, so I wanted a opinion of someone like you before I purchase them. Tell me, did you like them? What are the things you liked the most?

    I hope you can answer this questions for me, please! Goodbye and excuse my bad english!

    • Hello! I’m afraid I haven’t seen all of the modern The Answer VOTOMS titles: I’ve watched Pailsen Files and parts of the others. (EDIT: Just remembered that Pailsen is Sunrise, not The Answer. Oh well.)

      I did like Pailsen Files, I thought it had a good premise and nice, hard-nosed military intrigue in its plot, as well as lots of fun Scopedog action. I’m less impressed by what I’ve seen of Alone Again and Phantom Arc. Unlike the Files, they’re sequels rather than prequels, and I’m just not quite sure if I want to see poor Chirico have his story extended again and again.

      In all of ’em the CGI mecha are a bit dissatisfying, though I still like the action sequences.

      I don’t know a great deal about Case;Irvine and VOTOMS Finder, but in a way I’m pleased that they’re making stories in the same universe which aren’t about Chirico.

      I hope this helps!


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