XI: The People in That Thing Are Insane

I wasn’t planning to mention this, as I don’t have the energy to do it justice. But I also don’t have many other ideas, so here we are.

Haters gonna hate.

I got my hands on Mazinkaiser SKL‘s first episode on the evening of December 31st, so it makes it into 2010 by a whisker. Readers are invited to imagine any of my standard enthusiastic responses to giant robots fighting after this here colon: burble SKULL burble explosions burble. The amount of actual and implicit violence against women distressed a small thinking-section somewhere in my head, but the other sections argued it down—’It’s not normal,’ they said, ‘to simultaneously have scruples and an anime blog’.

If you want to read more, Crusader wrote a solid reaction, Ghostlightning tried to pin down SKL‘s essential puerility and psgels was unimpressed. EDIT: Dave weighs in with a SKL-as-1998-Manga-Video-property take.

2 responses to “XI: The People in That Thing Are Insane

  1. On one hand it seems ridiculous to me that one’s chest (center torso) — rationalized in Battletech: A Game of Armored Combat as the easiest area to hit — would serve as the holster for Mazinkaiser’s pistols…

    But what am I thinking?! Those guns are probably nigh indestructible and therefore are the finest armor the Kaiser could want.

    I still find the Skull Pilder making that bony grin on the Kaiser’s crown to be oddly (and perhaps off-puttingly) comical.

  2. Sounds somewhat similar to my initial Shin Mazinger experience, well the burbling at least.

    My guess is I probably prefer the childhood-regression-therapy methods of Imagawa to this, which strikes me as very 1990s “everything is now Xtreme and/or dark” style, but there’s no way I can’t watch it.


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