XI: Others

I don’t have an image from Dennou Coil, and I’ve chosen not to find one. Because I don’t have copies, legal or illegal, of any of its episodes.

Thing is, you see, I’ve been watching it at an anime club. I used to avoid those, but, having returned to university after graduating and working a desk job for a spell, I was feeling sociable and gave this one a try.

It’s true that these societies don’t have the practical function that they used to, allowing the efficient showing of rare VHS material. But it’s fun! Everyone I’ve met seems to be able to hold down a conversation. People make jokes I couldn’t have thought of myself, which I think is one of the most excellent, most gracious functions that humans perform for each other.

Speaking of humour, the club also solves one of my anime-watching problems: usually I only find comedies funny if I watch them with other people. And the club is also a useful device which makes me watch titles such as Dennou Coil. I’ve known it’s good for ages, but left on my own I’d never have managed to tear myself away from my solid diet of giant robots for long enough.

* * *

This is likely a short-term membership, because the wheels have been coming off my postgraduate career lately. I think I’ve become a bad investment, and I’ll probably be leaving again within the year. But I’m nevertheless glad I returned to university: I’ve learned I was wrong about a lot of things, and one of them was my judgement of social watching.

2 responses to “XI: Others

  1. I can’t stand watching anime with other people, by and large.
    1. Anime fans suck. There was a kid in my high school who would trundle down the hallways wearing a – no shit – Naruto headband he made in shop class. Anything to keep me away from these people.
    2. Watching shows with other people distorts your objectivity in figuring out whether a show is good or bad.
    3. 95% of people haven’t learned the rare art of shutting up. Those that have are too busy texting to watch the show.

    re: jokes:

  2. Well, I’d tentatively agree with (1) in general, but by luck or good management this doesn’t seem to apply to the society I’ve found.

    You might have a point with (2), but a cursory examination of my back catalogue would reveal that I’m often not very interested in how good or bad things are.

    (3) takes us back to the same territory as (1): where I go, silence prevails. The jokes I’m talking about happen in between episodes; and evidently I’ve been blessed with the stupidity required to avoid thinking of all available jokes beforehand.


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