XII: Thank You for Blogging, Thank You for Reading

It only takes one frame to trash a grunt, after all.

I usually end my twelve Christmas posts by thanking the bloggers and readers of the anglotakusphere. You guys are great!

Well, all the bloggers could stand to proofread and redraft a bit more and a lot of you have aesthetic criteria so unconsidered that it’s a miracle I still subscribe to your feeds… but I do, so well done. You guys aren’t great, but for a bunch of humans you’re alright. Readers: you’re great.

I don’t really post any more, and reading back through this blog I’m dissatisfied with most of my old posts. I do miss blogging with ideas, though, despite the fact that they were usually rubbish ideas.

I miss the other blogs, too. I was going back through my old indiscriminate annotated blogroll, in all its squillion-word glory, last night, and there’re a tonne of names there that I used to look forward to reading. Things probably weren’t better back then, but it feels like they were. And note that ‘probably’: in all such judgements idiots have a way of jumping from the obfuscatory effect of nostalgia, which undeniably exists, to the conclusion that things definitely weren’t better back then, whenever ‘back then’ was. Let me put that another way: it is very difficult to know whether things were better or worse does not mean we know that things were neither better nor worse.

Anyway, to end this post on a more cheerful note, things I’d have liked to have posted about over Christmas but didn’t find space for! Bryger is one of the latest titles being dragged out of untranslated obscurity, and in its way it’s pretty sweet. Golgo 13: The Professional looked great for spells—I’m no expert but it seemed a very pretty movie—but also delivered the ugly Golgocopters that make it famous. Dangaizer 3 was very Obari. The Kara no Kyoukai movies left me mostly unmoved, but I can see why they have fans. I enjoyed Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere because most of its components were terrible. Code-E was poor but I heard the sequel has powersuits; also, I realised after finishing it that this post on a blog you don’t remember put it on my list of titles to watch back in 2007. Panzer World Galient was the best show involving mecha centaurs I watched last year. Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo was the most inventive spin on the magical girl concept I saw. Shin Getter Robo vs. Neo Getter Robo featured Texas Mack. And of course I could easily cull eleven things worth posting about from Precure alone, if I wanted to bore you. I also watched a bunch of stuff again, including Giant Robo, all the Legend and of course the traditional Christmas return to War in the Pocket. 2011 was a good year.

4 responses to “XII: Thank You for Blogging, Thank You for Reading

  1. a lot of you have aesthetic criteria so unconsidered that it’s a miracle I still subscribe to your feeds… but I do, so well done

    It’s a shame that you don’t blog more lately, might keep some of us from getting big heads.

    I don’t read many blogs myself anymore either, and I definitely don’t write much (outside of Sea Slugs which is a how-to exercise in brevity). I suppose many of us move on in varying degrees; my problem is pretty much one of how best to spend a shrinking amount of free time but I’ll always come back to check out some of your “rubbish” ideas.

  2. This reminds of Bilbo’s 111th birthday speech.

  3. I know the feeling about disappointment when reading old posts, but one can always hope that we are getting better. Though in my case I don’t redraft much if at all. Time constraints and IRL issues get more weighty now that my college education ended. I wish I could do more but time always seems to find a way to make it a scarce commodity.

    Still I am glad you are posting every now and then. Who knows maybe when you are secure in retirement or are ridiculously wealthy you will have the means to accomplish all that you had set out to do.


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