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Condensed Review: GaoGaiGar


Pros and Cons

+ refuge in audacity
– formulaic first half . . .
+ . . . but it’s a damn good formula
– made for children . . .
+ . . . but not unremittingly childish
+ Kouhei Tanaka, god-tier super robot music composer

Supplementary Remarks

+ hotbloodedness and screaming
++ a love-letter to its own genre


Mediocre-to-good. Acquired taste, unless you’re in touch with your inner child.

Did I Like It?


Internet Deprivation Diary

So I have an internet connection, of sorts, in my new home now. As suspected, acquiring it was, roughly speaking, as fun as nailing my own arm to a door, and not one of your nice clean, new doors, no, an old one with splinters and woodlice. Still, I’m back earlier than I expected, which is something.

Much of the time covered in this diary was taken up by the inevitable settling-in period before the beginning of the semester proper. (The mills of the academy may grind small, but they start grinding exceedingly slowly!) With little to do, I spent my time reading and watching anime – it was an idyllic, if slothful existence, marked by a sustained failure to watch any more Ideon. Continue reading