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My Relationship With Kimikiss

‘You see, if you take off the ‘But there’re no mecha!’ goggles, it’s not as bad as you think!’

It wasn’t love at first sight, although our eyes did meet across a crowded blog. Given Kimikiss‘s looks, perhaps it never could’ve been ‘at first sight’: while she has her charms, when she walks she treads on the ground (unlike certain others). Although she does pay comendable attention to her characters’ hair.

Perhaps it was simply coincidence that got us talking, or perhaps it was my desire to find material to prevent this blog from being entirely about Gundam. In any case, talk we did, and she certainly gave our conversation an action-packed beginning. We went out for a few episodes and gradually settled into something steady. There’s a lot I like about her, and we seem to get on well. Perhaps it’s my taste, but whenever she puts on a gently meditative piano melody I find it hard to say no. Continue reading