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‘Crist Aras!’ ‘Crist So├żlice Aras!’: The Easter Imagepost

Christ has died,

Christ is risen,

Second Coming of Gundam
Christ will come again.

A very happy Easter to you. [And apologies if your browser doesn’t support the thorn in the title.]

Everything in its Place
WordPress.com’s Global Tagcloud yesterday evening.
‘Anime’ is uncannily well positioned.

A Generic Entry

Psychological thriller which will probe the very darkest depths of the human soul

Genres are words – labels – we attach to things, as part of some giant, messy and Escher-esque Venn diagram. As genres are words, it’s all a matter of definition by example, which I have harped on about before. Continuing my commitment to be descriptive rather than prescriptive, I thought I’d throw down [?] a few thoughts on the way that we classify anime.

[The first two parts of this post are the boring bits. The third part is the interesting bit. Feel free to skip ahead.] Continue reading