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Welcome to Uoodo City (Please Kill Carefully)

Uoodo 1

Even the pushiest estate agent would have trouble selling me a house in Uoodo City. It’s an entirely metallic environment. We never seem to see the sky. The buildings are unreasonably tall, and instead of solid ground under your feet, you’re more likely to find cavernous metal spaces full of more unreasonably tall buildings. The police chief is corrupt and power-hungry, and his men are only really distinguished from thugs by their heavier armament. If you don’t fall foul of the police, perhaps you’ll be captured and put to work as a miner by the local gang of biking vikings. You could turn to religious consolation, but sadly the only priest we see is a conspirator in cahoots with the police chief. Oh yeah, and the rain can kill you – so listen out for those weather sirens.

Why do we need to know about Uoodo? Well . . .

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