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IV: Recklessly Helmetless

Motorcycle vs. mechanical horses.

In a quick read of the Mazinger Z manga this summer, I recognised the attitude that lies behind some of the good stuff which fills out Mazinkaiser and Shin Mazinger Z. How will SKL turn out, I wonder?

(I shamefully cropped and resized the image above from an eye-popping three-page sequence.)

III: Three Times Faster

Bridge crewman announces Full Frontal's arrival.

‘Technology takes precedence over characterization, and thematically, the material is retrograde.’

II: It Has Missiles and a Stealth Mode, Too

The Flying Phantom Ship uses its bowsprit-mounted laser.

Bowsprit laser? Yes! You are the most heavily-armed flying phantom ship ever!

(Competitor moments: all the parts where I was mentally bouncing the film’s plot off of its circumstances of  funding and production. Read more about The Flying Phantom Ship here.)

I: Boom

Urban clearance the easy way.

You want moments?

Nanoha levels a city in the movie adaption of her first season. And it is good.

(Happy God-Fleshification Day, by the way.)