‘time just endlessly spins’

At first it seems weird that time should spin. We seem to like (in English at least) to describe whatever it is that time does in terms of movement in space, true, but the word that springs to my mind first is ‘flows’.

It is very appropriate that time should spin here, though, for at least two reasons. Firstly this is a Galactic story, and galaxies are prone to spinning. Secondly the Legend‘s most overt message (which opens the episodes of its second season) says that in one important respect time does not progress: ‘the deeds of men remain the same.’ If we’re doomed to repeat the same mistakes then idea that time flows begins to look a bit odd.

To my amusement, I’m reminded of the opening statements of something else I’m fond of.

16 responses to “‘time just endlessly spins’

  1. I’m partial to all of LOGH’s OP’s but I like this one the best. Feels the most epic. I blame the trumpets and flutes for the opening notes for that.

  2. All LoGH posts require a screencap with an out of context (hell, or even a weird in context one).

  3. I skipped past all the intros except the first. LoGH excels in many aspects. Intros are not one of them. Endings too, I don’t think I regularly watched a single ending.

    At a con last year, I went to a panel on what makes an intro great. One of the guys leading the panel was showed a bunch of intros to a friend working for MTV. He couldn’t stomach more than 30 seconds of the first LoGH intro. However, he did like the Re: Cutie Honey intro.

  4. MTV sucks. HARD.

    Song is pretty good, IMO. Your average diva kind of thing.




    Or, it may be just another Engrish translation?

  6. @ Demian: I agree, though the second opening is a strong challenger. I think this one wins with it’s epic cloak-waving, though.

    @ jpmeyer: I wonder if anyone has gone through the first season and actually collected all the weird-in-context shots involving Reinhard and Kircheis.

    @ Baka-Raptor: Well, I think my analysis is sound whether or not it’s a good opening. While I like it, I can see why it wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste.

    @ 21stcenturydigitalboy: I suppose it depends how much one digs the diva thing.

    @ Michael: ENDLESS TIME, SPIN ON!

    It might well be another Engrish translation, but it’s still good fodder for analysis.

  7. I don’t think men are doomed to repeat the same mistakes, but rather we have a nasty habit of making similar mistakes. The contrasts between Napoleon’s and Hitler’s invasion of Russia were similar but hardly constitute the exact same mistake. Time flows ever on but like a river there rather is not always smooth with the occasional rapids and great water falls. It occasionally nearly bends on it self in a near loop.

    So how far have you gotten with LOGH? See the shoujo sparkles yet?

  8. I realized that my life was pretty much deprived and started watching LoGH finally. I have a vague recollection of Yamato / Star Blazers being good and I’m a giant Macross nerd so it was logical. Plus it just seems obligatory…

  9. I have never watched this….and I’m having trouble tracking it down….

    On a side note, MTV used to be good. Not anymore…

    Insert “Who the hell do you think we are?!?!” here.

  10. That’s probably my favorite LOGH OP, though I love the second one as well. The last one happens to be the worst and that’s mostly because of whoever is singing, not due to the lyrics or imagery.

    I had a relatively tougher time getting into the EDs but, looking back, the first, third and fourth are okay for me.

    It’s a fairly redundant comment, but I could be doing far worse (and have, arguably).


    Even if I don’t believe history is cyclical and would say it more closely resembles a spiral (TTGL reference optional)….I’d argue that while circumstances will always change throughout history, men do go through the same -or just extremely similar- series of mental processes and decisions, one way or another.

    So, for me, the “mistakes” are often essentially the same, at heart, even if the details (consequences, causes and further developments) may differ dramatically. LOGH demonstrates this fairly well, in my opinion, but so does reality.

  11. @ Crusader: Similar but not the same, I like that. No shoujo sparkles as yet, but then I just recently watched the eighty-second episode and am still recovering. I may need to write another blog post for closure.

    @ otou-san: Good luck then, there’s no guarantee that you’ll like it but it’s well worth a shot. I hope it seems obligatory, at least.

    @ xephyre: Torrents are out there. If that’s not your thing, I believe someone’s been posting Megaupload links on getfansub.com.

    @ Camario: Mmm, I have to say I really like the third ending sequence – especially in the context of episode 82. I guess I should brace myself for the fourth opening.

    I suppose a distinction between physical circumstances and mental processes is one way to illuminate the cycles vs. river question. It’d be nice to live for several centuries just to figure out an provisional answer from eyewitness evidence.

  12. “Mmm, I have to say I really like the third ending sequence – especially in the context of episode 82.”

    Can’t disagree there. On that note….wonder if you got caught off guard by the devilish preview(s).

    I think those tend to be especially spoiler-ish in this series, and it’s probably better to skip them outright after a certain point.

  13. Ah, someone spoiled me on 82 a long time ago, before I started the series. And I’ve made a habit of avoiding the previews, for precisely the reason you mention.

    Mind you, spoilers don’t always ruin events – I found 82 profoundly affecting and (in a very different genre aimed at a very different age) Master Asia’s death is announced in its episode’s title but still works well.

  14. The funny thing is, I’m a bit of a spoiler seeker myself, so I understand that.

    Not all the time, but it’s usually my default stance, so I also knew it was going to happen, just not “when” or “how”…which I think is far more important than the “what”.

    Yet when I went back and checked the preview for LOGH 82, I couldn’t help but find it…devilish, to say the least.

    And I seriously need to see G Gundam, though I don’t mind the spoilers for it either.

  15. The LoGH openings are suitable yet I can’t really see them as anything special. The Ending sequences, I think, are much better done.

    Speaking of the Fourth Opening, brace for engrish.

    Speaking of fantastic Openings, when I first saw Space Battleship Yamato, the opening told me I was going to watch something awesome:

  16. @ Camario: I imagine that preview had plenty of viewers throwing things at the TV, then – or perhaps throwing more things at the TV, since the events of 82 would have had people throwing things already.

    @ Anonymous: The ending sequences are something special, I agree, as they collect resonances the more you watch the story. And I’ll brace for Engrish; three out of four isn’t bad.

    I ought to watch SBY, but all I can find on the ‘net are episodes of Star Blazers.


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